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From the Architect

Our objective was simple – to make design changes to both enhance and to bring together all the diverse elements. To achieve this, we envisioned a free-flowing space transitioning seamlessly from one to the other. Our philosophy of ‘One with the land’ directed our compass towards an aesthetic grammar that returned the structure to its roots. We came up with a design that ensured simplicity in execution while at the same time maximized the utility and effective climatic response of each space. Drawing inspiration from the earliest bungalows nestled in the coffee plantations of Coorg, we used elegant arched verandahs that followed the exterior form to merge the living spaces, both inside and outside, into one harmonious whole.

East Meets West : Arches were known since ancient times in Egypt and Greece but were seldom used as they were considered unsuitable for monuments. The Romans, on the other hand, used semicircular arches in bridges, aqueducts and large scale architecture. The colonial arch, as developed by the British and used extensively in India and their other colonies, is characterized by its semi-circular shape and an embellished or decorated key stone. This particular style of arches evolved from various sources, both European and Asian, a unique blend of East and West.

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