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Stone Lodges , a cluster of fifteen luxury private residences spread across a 13-acre forested hillside, is built on sloping land on the side of a mountain and as such draws its inspiration from the grammar of Mountain Lodges. Each lodge , built on individual plots of 25000 sqft with a built-up area of 6200sqft ,intertwines harmoniously with the mountain in three distinct levels and thus blends seamlessly into the natural landscape. In keeping with the location and staying true to our philosophy more than 70% of the materials used are natural. Each individual lodge is characterized by wooden flooring, random rubble walls and unfinished log rafters, every little bit finely nuanced and conveying a luxurious yet environmentally responsible aesthetic.


For any inquiries please contact : Mr.Cherian K. Cherian – +91 9845164830

Stone Age Materials: Did you know that Stonemasonry is one of the oldest professions on earth? With the discovery of fire, stone age man learnt to create quicklime which they used to make houses with locally available materials including stone. Over the years, Stone Masons, refined their craft and formed powerful guild. One of the more well know stonemasons of the Ancient world was Sophroniscus, the father of Socrates.

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