George Ramapuram Jr.


  George T Ramapuram is assisted by a young and enthusiastic team which, in the natural order of things, is led by none other than his nephew George E Ramapuram.

George Ramapuram Jr. completed his formal architectural education from The University School of Design, Mysore in 2011 and is pursuing his Masters from Indian School of Business, Mohali. However, as a young member of the House of Ramapuram, the philosophy of the spirit of the land is engrained in his genes.


Under the mentorship of George Ramapuram Sr. this inbuilt sensitivity finds expression in his designs as he embarks on a journey to evolve his own signature style. 

the team

George Ramapuram Sr.
Managing Director
Cherian Ramapuram
Executive Director
Cherian K. Cherian
Business Development
George Ramapuram Jr.
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