Earthitects Stone Lodges

Private Residences, Wayanad, Kerala

Are you looking for a second life?

A balance between urban & rural,

between work & life?

Find it at Earthitects Stone Lodges - 

 a home located in the lap of nature.

Welcome to your Second Living.

Earthitects Stone Lodges, Wayanad, Kerala

A Division of Orange County Resorts & Hotels Ltd


Tropical Leaves

We really appreciate Earthitects’efforts for giving us such a wonderful presentation. For giving us the opportunity to understand the project in its fullness.
We are passionately looking forward to our Second Living!

- Owners of Private residence 106


Indu & Sarath Champati speak on why they chose Earthitects Stone Lodges to make a new beginning.

Stone Lodges is a cluster of 15 luxury private residences spread across a 13-acre forested hillside in Wayanad, Kerala. Built on gently sloping land on the side of a mountain, it draws its inspiration from the grammar of Mountain Lodges. 


Spacious Design.png

Spacious Design


A 7000 sq. ft. Villa situated in up to an acre of wooded land for you to enjoy the true luxury that is your own space.

Just 15 estates on 13 acres of wooded land for you to enjoy the seclusion and privacy that you cherish.


Hand Crafted with Natural Materials

Built using natural materials like wood and stone that lasts long and ages graciously. A legacy home worthy of being passed on to the next generation.




One with Nature

The perfect place to work from home, retire early & indulge in your hobbies and passions or do nothing but enjoy nature

Full servicing of the lodge both indoors and outdoors even when you are not in residence providing you complete peace of mind.

An international airport just 2 hours away, the district headquarters in close vicinity and excellent internet connectivity for you to plug in or unplug at your will.


Financially sustainable

Options available to make your villa financially self-sustainable.


Stone Lodges Villa
Stone Lodges Villa

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Project Overview
Project Overview

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Villa Floor Plan
Villa Floor Plan

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Stone Lodges Villa
Stone Lodges Villa

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For Rs. 8.5 Crores* you will get a 7000 Sq. ft. villa

in up to an acre of land + 1 Year maintenance 

*Conditions Apply


Earthitects is the in-house design studio of Orange County Resorts & Hotels Ltd, the creators of the globally acclaimed Evolve Back Resorts. Inspired by this success, Earthitects has now ventured into the Private Residences. At Earthitects, we endeavour to ally with the earth to create dwellings that are in harmony with oneself and the natural environment; dwellings that enable ‘Natural Life’.

Earthitects Natural Living Spaces

(A division of Orange County Resorts & Hotels Ltd.)

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