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Our residential projects are designed to initiate a process of reverse urbanisation by providing the urban dweller a means to re-establish a connect with the natural environment. We like to describe this as delivering a ‘Second Living’ for our clients.  


We specialize in designing Multifunctional workspaces. Efficient use of space in terms of functionality and storage is a hallmark of our design, with a touch of rustic elegance and the use of natural materials wherever possible.

Stone Lodges, Wayanad
‘Stone Lodges’ is a cluster of fifteen luxury private residences spread across a 13-acre forested hillside in Wayanad, Kerala . Dictated by the grammar of Mountain Lodges and enriched by the natural character of the hills...
Evolve Back Corporate Office
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 Creating a lifetime of exquisite holiday experiences through our nature inspired designs

Evolve Back, Coorg
Evolve Back, Coorg is a luxury resort located in a 300-acre working coffee plantation in Coorg showcasing Coffee, Spice and Plantation Life. There are two local architectural themes that have been followed at...
Evolve Back, Kabini
Evolve Back, Kabini is a luxury wildlife resort which is located in a wilderness area that was the home of the Kadu Kuruba tribe, the architectural theme here is inspired by their ’Hadis’ or villages. The principal elements...
Evolve Back, Hampi
Evolve Back, Hampi is a palace resort located near the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hampi and is inspired by the architectural styles of the 14th century Vijayanagara Empire which can be broadly divided into two...
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