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Since a young age, George Ramapuram, was someone who was proficient in building islands of calm in the middle of a teeming crowd. As the seventh child, out of eleven, he learnt to bypass crowds and find his own space.

After school, he graduated in Architecture from the REC, Trichy, and then interned at that monument to parallel thinking: Auroservice d’Auroviile, Pondicherry. It was almost like a homecoming as he found inspiration in the works of the Chief Architect, Roger Anger, and other French architects and their sustainable, environmentally assimilative school of thought.

George Ramapuram Sr., with his finely developed sensitivity to the vernacular soul that lies under the skin of the soil, went on to create a signature style that has assimilated the cultural muscle memory of every region and its natural building materials.

His signature style is visible to the world at the globally feted Evolve Back Resorts that have been designed by him in keeping with the ‘Spirit of the Land’ philosophy of which he is the natural flag bearer.

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