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natural life

Natural Life is about re-establishing the connect with both oneself and the natural environment. A relationship that has been severed by our modern, urban-centric lifestyles. At Earthitects, we endeavour to ally with the earth to create dwellings that are in harmony with oneself and the natural environment, dwellings that enable ‘Natural Life’.

Latest project

EARTHITECTS stone lodges

Private Residences, Wayanad, Kerala

Earthitects Stone Lodges is a cluster of fifteen luxury private residences spread across a 13-acre forested hillside in Wayanad, Kerala.

These Lodges, each with its own close-to-an-acre of land, is built on gently sloping land on the side of a mountain, drawing inspiration from the grammar of Mountain Lodges. Each 7000 sq. ft. Lodge intertwines harmoniously with the mountain in three distinct levels and blends seamlessly into the natural landscape.

13 Acres of coffee plantation

15 private residences 

BUILT USIng natural materials

handcrafted with care

return on investment

maintained by our in-house team


 Creating exquisite holiday experiences

through our nature inspired designs

Evolve Back, Coorg
Evolve Back, Hampi
Evolve Back, Kabini
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"Earthitects exists to facilitate

life in its abundance by enabling

full enjoyment of God's creation"

- Core Purpose, Earthitects 

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