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We are Earthitects. Architects of the Earth.

Rooted in the values of the land, we craft spaces that emanate from this very earth that binds us all. Our Philosophy is to create ‘around’ nature rather than ‘on’ it. 

Earthitects’ design journey began with the ideation and creation of the globally acclaimed Evolve Back Resorts. Inspired by this success, Earthitects ventured into designing and crafting exquisite Private Residences for Ownership in tranquil destinations. 

Since 1996, Earthitects has architected and crafted authentic creations in the residential, hospitality, commercial, and landscape sector with one common design language - Nature. 

Earthitects is headed by Architect George E. Ramapuram who is a pioneer in ‘reverse urbanization’ or going back to nature. He believes that architecture steered by nature re-establishes the revealing experience of connecting with both oneself and the environment.

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